The Vacation Club Card provides access to several savings in our area that can only be accessed to you through our contracted affiliates.  Only by gaining access to this card can you be able to get these savings.  Our affiliates provide access to this service through a card that displays on your smart phone.  Just enter the password, click, show the merchant and BOOM!  Watch your savings begin!  Enjoy your vacation with The Vacation Club Card and Thank You for supporting our local businesses!  



Q:  How do I get the card?  

A:  You have either been given access through your stay at one of our affiliate destinations, or you have heard about our services.  If you have been given the password you need to go to the Home Page and click on (Enter password for card access here).  A password page will open and you must enter the password given to you.  This will allow access to The Card page which is you Vacation Club Card.  If you are here to buy the card you have to click on on the button on our Home Page to purchase the card.  After Purchasing the card a confirmation will be emailed to you with the password attached.  If any question should ever arise, please contact Michael Watson at 828-736-3944.


Q:  How does the card work?

A:  After gaining access to the card you will need to put it to good use.  You will have access to The Card page and this is your card.  All you have to do is show the local business, or merchant your screen and the discount will apply.  If cell service is bad in your area we suggest printing the confirmation email and carrying it on you for proof that you have purchased the card.


Q:  Can I share this card with people in my party?

A:  Of Course you can!  The password is only effective for access for a certain amount of days.  The password is only good until Monday morning of every week.  If your stay runs past Monday morning all you have to do is email Michael Watson at, or call 828-736-3944 and let us know that you will be extending your stay.  We will then send you the password for the week of your extended stay!


Q:  How long can I use the card?

A:  The password that allows access to the card is only valid until Monday morning of each week.  If your stay is going to run over that day then just see above question for directions on how to gain access throughout your entire stay!


Q:  How many times can I use the card?

A:  As many times as you please!  Unlike coupon books, or rip away discounts, this card is allowed to be used as many times as you would like for any discount that applies while you are on your stay!  Enjoy eating breakfast at the same place every morning and getting 10% off?  Enjoy that luxury as many times as you please during your stay!  That goes for any other of our many categories of discounts whether it be shopping, adventures, ice cream, golf or tours. 


Q:  Where do I find the discount?

A:  Search under (Search Discounts).  Many categories will appear for you to browse with each locations personalized add.  Feel free to call any establishment to confirm the Vacation Club Card.


Q:  How much money can I save if I purchase this card?

A:  Our guests have saved the price of the card and above on one outing!  It does depend on how many times you use the card, but the savings possibilities can reach into the hundreds. 


Q:  Can locals gain access?

A:  Yes, but only certain discounts apply to locals.  Feel free to contact us about this.  Out of town guests will receive every discount in our inventory.